8 Things You May Not Know About BRAVOZ

The word is getting out to Jacksonville-area families about the great times waiting for them at BRAVOZ. There’s something for every age, from great food to enjoyable games to some of the best attractions around. Enjoy learning more about eight of our favorites:

  1. Fitness Classes. Fun and fitness are the goals of these low-impact courses for children and adults. Trained instructors work your core, build muscles and improve coordination and flexibility, all while burning calories during these 45-minute sessions. There’s also High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for those seeking more serious workouts.
  2. Enjoy our socks! We ask that every guest wear official BRAVOZ socks instead of their own footwear for hygiene and safety purposes. If you have socks from a past visit, bring them along or pick up new ones. We also do accept socks from Rebounderz if they were purchased at our location before the change, but we do not accept socks from competitors or non-jump socks. 
  3. Same Owners. We changed a lot of things this past year, including changing from Rebounderz to BRAVOZ, but it is still the same owners and managers – the only change was the break from the national franchise of Rebounderz. 
  4. Sensory Nights. Some of the lights and sounds can be overwhelming for some guests with sensory issues and special needs. That’s why on the first Monday of the month we turn down the music and make everything less stimulating.
  5. Parkour Classes. Kids and adults love learning better and safer ways to jump, flip and improve their skills, and our trampolines are a perfect place. BRAVOZ offers two types of classes on our Ninja Warrior course, one for ages 6-12, and one for adults ages 13 and up.
  6. Membership Options [COMING SOON]. It’s easy to come to BRAVOZ anytime. But it’s even easier – and more affordable – to become a member. Individual and Family monthly memberships offer unlimited play on our trampolines and attractions as well as discounts on food and beverages. 
  7. Teen Nights. Friday nights are special for tweens and teens with access to all attractions, music from a DJ and games and competitions. The doors are locked after 10 p.m., so guests can dance and party in a safe, substance-free environment.
  8. Laser tag. The largest laser tag experience in North Florida includes an 8,000-foot multi-level arena.

That’s just the beginning of the great times awaiting people at BRAVOZ. Because we offer so many options, some people only focus on one attraction at a time. Others keep on coming back for their favorites. We want to ensure that every guest has a wonderful experience and great memories.