4 Awesome Ways to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions with Us

As the new year comes flying around the corner, it’s time to make resolutions you’ll want to keep. Get started by taking a peek at all the awesome ways we can help you achieve your most-pressing goals in the new year.

Boost Your Physical Activity

Across our 10 unique attractions, you can jump, leap, and bound till your heart’s content, achieving your goal of boosting your physical activity levels. As you fit more exercise into your week, you are destined to have a ton of fun, too. You might even find your stress levels falling and zest for life increasing all along the way. You will undoubtedly find your self-esteem increasing as well, as you prove that you can achieve your resolutions and get fit while having a blast.

Challenge Yourself

Our 10 attractions give you endless ways to challenge yourself, to try new things, and to achieve new personal records time and time again. You can see how long you can go on the Open Jump Arena, for example, or see how fast you can get through the Ninja Warrior Course.

Or you can see if you can make it through the laser maze with the highest score, and then shimmy up the climbing wall with resounding vigor. With each new challenge you complete, your confidence levels will soar, inspiring you to take on new adventures in all areas of your life.

Stretch Family Time

If family time only comes at a premium, make it a priority in the new year by scheduling regular trips to our entertainment center. Your quality time will hit great heights as you engage in all the fun to be had in our mazes, jump rooms, and more.

You can also celebrate everyone’s strengths as you see just how well they navigate our attractions, and perhaps even learn a new trick or two yourself. Then, see how well you can encourage everyone to achieve their new personal records and watch as their confidence levels soar as well.

Elevate Every Celebration

If you want to throw the best party for every celebration important to your family, our entertainment center has just what you need. Just book one of our many private party rooms and treat your guests to a glow party of a lifetime.

You can also extend the fun to your colleagues by booking corporate team building events in our jump rooms. Our indoor trampolines will give you the opportunity to bound to new heights in your career as you make a great impression on your work crew. For an even more memorable experience for all, ask about our late nights and lock-ins, which keep the fun going for as long as you wish.

When it comes to achieving your New Year’s resolutions, or just having some fun, BRAVOZ Entertainment Center is always here for you. Our 40,000 square foot entertainment center is full of amazing attractions designed to delight people of all ages. Kids, adults, and everyone in between can climb, leap, and dodge for hours at a time, but remember to take breaks at our Bravoz and Eatz Café to replenish your energy.

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