• ALL ACCESS to EVERY attraction!
  • Secure checkout to keep parents’ minds at ease
  • Ages 13-17 ONLY
  • Includes 2 slices of pizza and a drink
  • Top Local DJ, plus prizes and competitions
  • ZERO Tolerance: No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco use allowed.

About Teen Nights

BRAVOZ Teen Nights will revolutionize the way tweens and teens spend their Friday nights. On Fridays, guests will gain all access to all attractions so the kids can party on their terms. We invite teens to dance into the night with the hottest DJ around the last Friday of the month. This experience will ensure parents feel safe leaving their kids at BRAVOZ for a fun-filled night. The experience will make sure the kids are kept interactive with fun games and competitions. There’s no other place your kids will want to be! Drop them off and then pick them up with secure check out for peace of mind. Teen night is for ages 13-17 only.

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