4 Insider Tips from BRAVOZ Regulars

Want to make the most out of your BRAVOZ experience? Check out these insider tips and tricks that keep our regulars coming back for more. 

Light up mini bowling lanes with a swipe

If you’re new to BRAVOZ, you might think something is wrong with the mini bowling lanes if you walk up and see that they’re dark. Don’t worry—you can still play! The lights on the mini bowling lanes simply shut off automatically when they’re not being used. After all, it never hurts to reduce our energy consumption a little, right? All you have to do is swipe your game card, and the alley will spring back to life.

Add more activity time without waiting in line

You’ve had a blast using up all the activity time you purchased, but you’re still not finished having fun. Good news! You don’t have to wait in line to add more time. Just come up to the side counter, find a BRAVOZ representative, and tell them that you’d like additional activity time. They’ll make sure you get set up and back in action in no time.

Over 21? Try the frosé

Hot dogs, pizza and soda are fan favorites with the kids, but sometimes we want a healthier options. That’s why we’ve crafted the BRAVOZ menu with tasty treats and meals to satisfy every member of your group—including vegetarian and vegan options. For adults 21 and over, there are also 16 beers on tap plus frozen cocktail favorites like frosé. That’s right—enjoy a local craft beer and watch one of our 8 large screen TVs while the kids have their fun.

Our iCombat laser tag weapons look and feel like the real thing

At BRAVOZ, you have the option to try iCombat weapons in our laser tag games, which are high-tech replicas that closely resemble real weapons used in tactical combat situations. They even have realistic recoil and firing sounds, so you can completely immerse yourself in the battle for laser tag supremacy!

Now that you know these four tricks of the trade, you’re ready to experience everything BRAVOZ has to offer. Click here to book your activity time online now!