4 Reasons Why Adult Laser Tag Is the Perfect Activity for Corporate Team Building

Sure, it’s easy enough to think of BRAVOZ purely as a great place for kids to go wild. But the 40,000 square foot indoor entertainment center also has plenty of space for grown-ups who want to release their inner kid or simply enjoy a day of uniquely fun activities.

Not only is it a great location for families and community groups to come and play together, but it also is a perfect spot for your next corporate retreat or company gathering. Co-workers can bond with each other by trying out their skills with 10 attractions including trampolines, laser tag, and a ninja course. With access to food and beverage packages as well, the location is perfect for adult team-building and morale-boosting.

One especially enjoyable group activity at BRAVOZ is the indoor laser tag arena where people can team up or take on their co-workers, something that can be fun and even therapeutic. Here’s why laser tag should be included when planning your next party/training package at BRAVOZ:

  1. It lets people blow off steam. Do you have an employee who is giving you grief? Take him on in the arena. Do you have a grievance against someone but don’t know how to resolve it? Zap her in the arena. This type of combat is pain-free and can feel good.
  2. It promotes problem-solving. If you want your team to come out on top, consider different strategies to defeat the other team or teams. Where should your people go? What kind of offense and defense do you need? What are the creative skills of your people?
  3. It boosts communication and trust. Properly executing these strategies requires giving direction and taking direction, along with hearing other peoples’ ideas and presenting them. Then, during each round, good communication is required as everyone starts moving and blasting away.
  4. It can grow friendships and present new skills. You may only typically see your peers in their very serious “work mode” at their desk all day. But coming together as a team can create wonderful memories plus new ways of interacting with co-workers.

Although there are plenty of fun attractions to check out at BRAVOZ, playing laser tag together with one’s department or even the whole company can be an enjoyable experience for everyone at a corporate gathering. Participating employees can learn new things about each other, have fun coming together for a common cause, and build great personal and professional relationships. Visit BRAVOZ in-person to explore all of our opportunities for team gatherings.