10 Hidden Health Benefits of Laser Tag

Laser tag is one of those games kids of all ages love to play, even the ones that are just kids at heart. What you might not know is that playing laser tag is a healthy choice, as well. What are the health benefits of laser tag?

1. Let’s Get Physical

The most obvious benefit is it gets your heart beating. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day and kids up to 60 minutes or more. There is no rule that says exercise can’t be fun.

2. It’s Leg Day

Crouching? Ducking? Dodging? It’s fun and gets a focus on your leg muscles and speed control. Who needs CrossFit when you can be LaserFit? 

3. Team-Building Skills

Working in teams at any age helps to build a skill that too often gets overlooked. For children, playing as part of a team is a learning experience they will use their whole lives. For adults, it’s a good refresher on why teamwork at home and work is critical.

4. Promotes Socialization

Being part of a team means spending time with others and that builds socialization skills. It’s hard not to have fun and enjoy time with others while playing the game.

5. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Balance, flexibility, stamina, coordination – these are all skills that take practice. Laser tag promotes precision and fine motor skills that are lost if you don’t use them.

6. Develops Gross Motor Skills

Playing also develops gross motor skills like running and jumping along with object-control skills such as aiming that laser to take out someone on the opposing team.

7. Cuts Back on Screen Time

Multiple studies show the dangers of too much time in front of a screen, especially for kids whose brains are still developing. Taking them out to play laser tag gives them a way to experience the same excitement as a video game but without the screen.

8. Creates Balance and Sportsmanship

People rarely win all the time. They win one game and lose the next. That balance teaches kids how to accept the occasional loss with grace.

9. Encourages Strategic Thinking

You have to be able to develop strategies to win at laser tag.

10. Promotes Healthy Sleep

You burn a lot of energy playing the game and that means a good night sleep.

If you want to make healthy choices for your family, then laser tag fits the bill. BRAVOZ offers some of the most realistic laser tag experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Visit our website to learn more about our iCOMBAT Tactical Laser Tag experience.

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