Top 4 Reasons to Host Your Child’s Next Birthday at BRAVOZ

With exceptional service, thrilling activities, and delicious treats, BRAVOZ is the ultimate kids’ birthday party location in Jacksonville.

Let the friendly BRAVOZ staff members handle setup and service

If you’ve ever planned a child’s birthday party in your home, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get everything setup properly. Even if you have someone handling the entertainment and food, there are still so many details to take care of that you rarely have much time to enjoy the experience with your family.

When you host your party at BRAVOZ, our staff will take care of getting everything ready for your child’s special day, and then take it all down at the end of the party so you can relax and head home with the family. Finally, a birthday party where you get to have some fun too!

Give your guests access to the incredible BRAVOZ attractions

Without a doubt, one of the best reasons to choose BRAVOZ for your child’s next birthday party is because they and their guests will never run out of awesome activities and attractions. There’s something for everyone at BRAVOZ, so even if you have some guests who want to conquer every obstacle on the ninja warrior course while others prefer mini-bowling, all the kids will find something fun to do. Attraction access varies by package, and some packages include 2 hours of all-access fun throughout the entire entertainment center.

Enjoy a variety of food and drink options to suit your needs

After taking advantage of all the fun and excitement open to you at BRAVOZ, you and your party guests are going to want to chow down and replenish your energy. Thankfully, we have numerous food and beverage options for you to customize your party with. All packages come with 3 one-topping pizzas and a bottomless drink stand in one flavor, and add-ons include everything from subs and chicken wings to hummus and veggie platters. There are even alcoholic beverages available for the adults in your group.

Make your birthday girl or birthday boy feel extra special with unique perks

Every parent wants their child to feel special on their birthday, and what better way than to treat them to some extra goodies as the guest of honor at the party. Every guest of honor will receive a complimentary BRAVOZ t-shirt to remember their experience, and a free attraction pass so they can relive all the excitement of their epic party on a future trip.

BRAVOZ Entertainment Center throws the best birthday parties in northeast Florida, and we want you and your guests to see why! Contact us today to learn more about our party packages and start preparing for your child’s ultimate birthday bash.