Preventing Screen Addiction: Healthier Choices for Kids

Online games, social sites, and videos can often prove to be a harmless diversion for children. Sadly, kids easily grow addicted to the screens of their computers, tablets, phones, and game systems. This can rob children of the chance for the physical activity and in-person interaction they need to mature both physically and mentally. In this Digital Age, computers and other devices have their place; however, they shouldn’t take up so much time that your family sacrifices more traditional kinds of activities and their health benefits.

Offer Children Healthier Choices to Help Limit Screen Time

In truth, kids may even risk becoming emotionally addicted to their computers and other devices. Some parents even set limits on screen time. Limits only work well when parents don’t just make rules but also provide their kids with engaging alternatives.

So, these are just a few highlights of the many ways BRAVOZ can offer your kids and even you the perfect summer alternative to staring at screens:

Laser Tag: Laser tag offers you the experience of a first-person shooter game, only you experience it in the real world. With a massive course of 8,000 square feet and multiple levels, players will have plenty of room to strategize and hone their teambuilding and communication skills with their team to achieve a common goal.

Mini-Bowling: Our interactive lanes, small and light balls, and no need for special bowling shoes make this new twist on a classic game fun and exciting for tots, teenagers, and even adults.

Ninja Warrior Course: Since our Ninja Warrior Course gets tougher as it progresses, it can provide a safe yet challenging activity for everyone from your youngest child to a pro athlete. Your family will have so much fun that they’ll forget they’re also exercising.

At BRAVOZ, We Have the Perfect Alternative to Screen Time

At Bravoz Entertainment Center, we’re here to provide you and your children with the perfect alternative to spending the summer connected to the internet. Instead of thinking you’re dragging them somewhere to exercise, your children will feel excited about the chance to challenge themselves, play games, and have fun with their family and peers.

Each kid might like different things, but all kids can choose between mini-bowling, mazes, trampolines, wall climbing, laser tag, and plenty of other exciting activities available at BRAVOZ’s 40,000 square foot facility! To help make these kid-friendly activities a habit, you can even choose between a variety of classes and day camps. If you have a birthday, reunion, or other reason to party, we will help with that too. With BRAVOZ, you can make time away from computer screens the best time of your kid’s summer.