5 Ways to Keep Your Family Active on World Health Day At BRAVOZ

World Health Day on April 9 continues to be a perfect opportunity for families to set time aside to reinvest their time and energy into being more active with friends and family. In many respects, dedicating you and your youngsters to being active on World Health Day can be a lot like making a New Year’s resolution. The only difference might be that facilities like BRAVOZ Entertainment Center help you follow through on your commitment. Whether you decide to get serious about healthy fun on World Health Day or any other day of the year, here are 5 ways to keep your family active and having fun at the same time.

1: Family Moving Day

Set a family goal of being fully active for 30 minutes each day. This can include power-walking the bike path, hiking the Appalachian trail or maybe just taking a ride down to a family fun center to burn off energy. The Ninja Warrior Course at BRAVOZ could be your ticket to a half-hour of active enjoyment. The obstacle course increases its challenge difficulty in a way suitable for family members of all ages and abilities.

2: Jump Like it’s Nobody’s Business

If you liked the 1990s, maybe you remember the House of Pain hit song “Jump Around.” It’s easy to see where this theme is going. Family fun facilities such as BRAVOZ enjoy more than 12,000 square feet of safe trampoline space. As the song goes, “Jump up, jump up and get down!”

3: Don’t Dodge Family Fun

If jumping around on a trampoline sounds like fun, there are ways to enhance that experience even further! How about air dodge ball on a massive trampoline? Consider working as a family team as you dodge and duck other players attempts. This activity increases your heart rate and encourages team building!

4: A Good Excuse to Party

If World Health Day doesn’t provide the inspiration you and your family need to commit to being more active in your daily lives, perhaps a family birthday party will do. Family birthday parties can be structured to allow kids to run and play before and after cake and presents. They’re an excellent excuse for the adults to let loose and follow suit as well.

5: Get Laser-Focused on Family Activity

Few things are as engaging as a laser tag challenge. They can draw loved ones together in a safe friendly and competitive environment that blends skills, laughs, and physical activity. A 30-minute laser tag bout makes for an excellent cardio workout.

If you are looking for a way to motivate family members to join you in a fun, physically active World Health Day, the keyword might just be “fun.” That being said, BRAVOZ Entertainment Center in Jacksonville has something fun for every member of your family. Make it a family tradition to celebrate World Health Day at BRAVOZ!

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