Plan Your Next Team Building Event at BRAVOZ Entertainment Center

Are you looking to bring your team together, boost morale, and have a happier, more job-satisfied staff? No matter what your goal is, BRAVOZ Entertainment Center in Jacksonville, FL specializes in helping your team work better together.

BRAVOZ Entertainment Center uses the power of play for a memorable and rewarding team building experience that everyone can enjoy utilizing the popular game of Laser Tag! Yes! Laser Tag! While you may not think of this popular game for corporate team building, it offers amazing opportunities for your team to collaborate and does not require a high level of fitness, so everyone from your company can easily participate. Our team building events are great for all types of events including sales meetings, corporate retreats, holiday parties, celebrations, and more!

Benefits of Corporate Team Building with Laser Tag:

  • Communication – Communication is not always easy in a corporate environment with a lot of different personalities. Working together to beat the other team at Laser Tag teaches communication skills needed to win and facilitates team bonding!
  • Have Fun Together – When people have fun together, they laugh, talk, and bond. An afternoon together playing Laser Tag will help them build fun memories they can chat about long after the event is over.
  • Get to Know Co-Workers – Most employees do not spend time together outside of work. There is no better way to get to know more about the people you work with than a social event with opportunities to get to know more about each other on a personal level. Knowing co-workers on a more personal level makes a stronger team.
  • Release Some Stress – Exercise and laughter are some of the best forms of stress relief around, so a good game of competitive Laser Tag is sure to help employees loosen up and exhale a bit. Nothing beats stress like seeing your co-workers running around like kids and laughing together!

Are you ready to build a stronger team? We’d love to help with a custom Laser Tag event at BRAVOZ Entertainment Center in Jacksonville, FL. Contact our event team today for more information and pricing on corporate team building events at (904) 300-0070 or online here. We can’t wait to plan a custom Laser Tag event for your team!

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