Looking for Unique Team Building Exercises? Try Close Quarters Combat!

From sports organizations to corporate offices, leaders recognize that interpersonal chemistry is an x-factor that turns a good team into a great one. When people from different walks of life and varying skill sets come together over common ground, a group of individuals suddenly excels as a single unit. The underlying concept is known as “team building,” and it can be achieved through extracurricular activities such as laser tag.

Decision-makers are continually looking for ways to inspire their colleagues in new and innovative ways. Dry conferences and motivational speeches seldom garner more than a yawn from co-workers. But laser tag touches all the bases that invigorate people in non-traditional ways. It takes people out of their daily grind and into a combat fantasy world. It’s all the hype of a video game but with a quickened heartbeat and real competition. Consider the ways that laser tag helps develop team cohesion.

  • Socialization: When people are put into groups and tasked with competing against other organization members in a friendly fashion, they learn more about each other. Laser tag events, particularly close quarters combat, facilitates bonding.
  • Bragging Rights: When people engage in laser tag events such as close quarters combat, there will be bragging rights at stake. This serves to bond the winners together in victory and motivates the other team to work harder and pull together. It’s a teambuilding win-win for any organization.
  • Communication: When groups compete in close quarters laser tag combat, the key to success generally comes down to communication. Those who succeed do so by learning the subtle cues from other team members as well as direct use of language. People learn better communication skills in the heat of competition that carries over into their daily work together.
  • Fun: At the end of the day, close quarters laser tag combat is a terrific way for people to blow off a little steam and have fun together. It’s an escape from daily stress and one that will be appreciated by all of your team members. Staff members are likely to bond with the boss for being thoughtful enough to plan a laser tag excursion for the team.

If you are an organization decision-maker interested in improving teamwork, close quarters laser tag combat touches all of the bases. Bravoz Entertainment Center in Jacksonville, Florida, offers complete laser tag packages for team building. Contact Bravoz today and take your team to the next level.

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